Next-generation venture capital

House Of Ventures invests in next-generation enterprise & industrial technology. We invest both capital and strategic connections, driving returns by engaging our Member Network of select family offices and the industry-leading, legacy companies they built.
  • For Founders - our network has proven valuable across ideation, sales, and partnerships.
  • For LP/Members - we leverage our network for better sourcing, selecting, securing (winning), and supporting companies.
Eclipse. Credit: Mathew Schwartz
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Our Domain

We like hard problems.

We have an edge in early enterprise & industrial technology given:
  • our experience building incubators & accelerators to help startups partner with legacy corporations
  • our network of family offices and their related industry-leading companies

Workforce Enablers

modern tools & infrastructure that help us compete globally and which underlie the biggest economic shifts

Manufacturing, Supply Chain, & Infra

leveraging machines for safety, consistency, and velocity

Future You

underlying technologies for the builders and platforms serving humanity's evolving needs
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Big Bets

longer shots being built with unfair advantages
More Information
More Information
Featured Portfolio makes versioning your datasets as easy as versioning your code. Whether Computer Vision, Language Models, or Generative AI, Oxen’s lightning fast version control enables powerful data workflows so you can build cutting-edge AI.
For Entrepreneurs

We get it. We're builders too.

Being a founder is one of the toughest challenges one can face in business. We know, we've been there in the trenches building companies time and again. Empathy for that journey is a great start, but we strive to do more.

We take time to get to know each company in which we invest so we can dip into our experiences and our network to help.

We build platforms to help connect our entrepreneurs to that network, open doors, create partnerships, and can add to business development efforts.
For INvestors

Your capital is more than a commodity.

House Of Ventures is an early stage tech investment firm that drives returns by engaging a select network of family offices and the industry-leading, legacy companies they built.

We invest in impactful technologies that transform or kill legacy companies across enterprise, industrial, and deep tech. We invest both capital and connectivity helping legacy companies identify, adopt or hedge the technologies of tomorrow.

We wholeheartedly believe that your capital is more than a commodity and we work hard to enable you to do more.

Our platform includes network, technology, and education as well as both digital and in-person opportunities to engage.
Recognitions & Features
Coolwater Capital
Recast Capital's Enablement Program
Emerging 50 (by Ryan Hoover & The Weekend Fund)
United Nations World Logic Day

Together we go far.

Community building is more than just us. In order to help both event facilitators and event attendees with discovery here in Los Angeles, we created the first centralized list of ALL tech events.
Combinations, our community event


Our signature event for founders, engineers, and product leaders.
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Industry Bloc

We founded a consortium of investors focused on hard problems across enterprise, industrial, and deep tech
Application Coming Soon

House Sessions

Virtual and in-person events for our LP/Members. We bring in domain experts for candid conversations, host family-office socials, and more.
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What our community says

Ramsay Brown

The easiest way to say it is that Scott Howard gets it.

Scott's experience, alacrity, passion, humility, and precision give him a rare and winning combination.... Scott has a killer set of skills, insights, and intuitions that empower him to move quickly and with conviction more broadly than nearly any other investor I've ever known. I'm grateful for every opportunity I get to collaborate with him.
- Ramsay Brown, Co-founder & CEO, AI Responsibility Lab

Scott has a rare combo of herculean work ethic, constantly cheerful manner, and wickedly curious mind.

Working with him is a joy because I know he will never drop the ball, he makes even mundane tasks fun, and he almost always has an interesting perspective or view point that helps broaden my horizons.
- Aisling Carlson, Founder, Fora

Scott has been a massive resource to my Co-Founder and I as we've built our business.

Whether it was a question on financing, product, go-to-market, or more, Scott took the time to think about our problems and added real value to our situation… I want to work with Scott.  Period.
- Jordan Durst, Co-Founder, Ask Alex
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